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Chin state is located in the remote mountain ranges of north-western of Myanmar (formerly also known as Burma), and is home to around 500,000 Chins. The Chins, one of minority ethnic groups in Myanmar, are the indigenous people of Chin state.

To be known as the best service provider in Ground Maintenance and Landscaping in Victoria.

To become the main employment provider for the Chin refugees in Victoria.

To integrate the Australian values and commit to provide environmentally friendly services.


To provide the best quality services at a reasonable and affordable price.

To promote the welfare of Chin/Burmese community in Australia by providing employment opportunities and tailoring them with broader communities.

To maintain respect for cultural differences and provide services with love and action.

Our Values

Professional: Maintain services provision in respectful and professional manner.
Reliable: Maintain trust, work hard consistently good in quality.
Quality: Maintain to strive the standard of services quality of the degree of excellence.
Passionate: Maintain our passion in what we do and do everything with love and joy.
Integrity: Maintain accountability and reliable, and treat coworkers, stakeholders, and customers with respect.

Social Purpose

Half of profits made by the AusChin Group are donated to Chin Myanmar Community in Melbourne. This community’s purpose is to provide supports the Chin and Burmese people in education, employment, settlement or community services and advocacy as well as preserving the culture, traditions, and values of the Chin Community, and ultimately create a better future for the Chin and Burmese Community in Australia and in Chin State, Myanmar.

Our Services



Specialized Company
We are family-owned and operated commercial and residential gardening and landscape business. Our team has gained the reputation of being professional , reliable, and producing high quality work.
Industry Experience
We have an invaluable list of industry contacts along with extensive experience dealing with board-level executive teams, right down to small business operators.
Our Team
Our team has 20 years of landscapes construction experience in smart Irrigation technologies, sustainable solutions and a wide range of planting sector.
Where We Serve
The Greater Metropolitan area of Melbourne, Brimbank and Hume City, Maninigham City, Banyule City, and City of Whittlesea, Maribyrnong City etc.
Licensed & Insured
You will have full peace of mind knowing we are fully licensed and insured to perform all work.
What We Do
AusChin Group is a Landscape Construction and Ground Maintenance company that handles ALL external items to complete your new home project.

Recent Projects

Commercial/ Industrial Landscaping
Residential Landscaping
Warehouse Landscaping
Paving /
Display Homes
Front of lot landscaping


Sahil Deshpande
Sahil Deshpande
Very irresponsible!!! I would like to express my utmost disappointment and disgust with AusChin Gardens for Dumping waste in Elpis Estate’s conservation area!! Their audacity to dump their rubbish in the estate, displays an utter lack of respect and regard for the environment and the community. Instead of disposing of their rubbish in a responsible and ethical manner, they chose to dump it in the estate, leaving behind a trail of unsightly waste and debris. This not only poses a health hazard but also reflects poorly on the community, causing unnecessary distress and inconvenience to residents. Shame
Imran Hyder
Imran Hyder
Very irresponsible workers dumping in ELPIS ESTATE and don’t know what more there guys mess around throwing rubbish,tyres etc they are just unprofessional and harmful to environment
Pathik Shah
Pathik Shah
This guys are so unprofessional. They dumped the rubbish in our estate and get caught on camera .. my neighbour call them couple of time but no response from them … shame on this business ..
Gangadhar Madduri
Gangadhar Madduri
Very irresponsible vendor who keeps dumping rubbish in the estates around .if you hire these guys make sure how responsibly they are disposing the garbage.
Theresa Cracknell
Theresa Cracknell
Auschin Gardens supplied and installed two of our timber fences. Great customer service, attention to detail, knowledge and quality of workmanship
Steven Barlett
Steven Barlett
AUSCHIN team were reliable with quality workmanship and best creitive landscape design. Thanks guys cheers
Jacob and the Auschin team initially did our fence and we were so impressed we had them back to do our garden. They revamped our backyard to our specifications and budget. The work was done in a timely manner and to a high standard. So pleased with the results and highly recommend them.
Trevor “tangowhisky37” Warren
Trevor “tangowhisky37” Warren
We got Jacob and his crew to do up our backyard. The job was a big one, included removal of the existing concrete garden bed, demolishing of the older fence, installation of a new colorbond fence, extending the decking and re-painting the entire decking. Jacob's team did an excellent job and delivered a high quality finish. Overall am very pleased with his work and will be keen to re-hire his crew for any future backyard/garden renovation projects.

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